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Clarification on who the partner delivery service will be by market?

Mobi has partnered with delivery networks that support the Buyer (customer/consumer) delivery capability. On the back end for the Seller or the front end for the Buyer (customer/consumer) the delivery monitoring and management is all through Mobi. When a Buyer buys something and opts for delivery, they will get a Mobi email to be able to track that delivery. The delivery in that market might be serviced by DoorDash or another delivery network but that does not show up as DoorDash or other delivery networks because this is all through Mobi. Third party delivery services have a white label delivery service solution that uses their drivers, but the front end is Mobi.

Does Mobi have POS capabilities?

Yes, Mobi has some POS capabilities, but it is not intended to replace or be used as an advanced POS system. Mobi is an online ordering platform solution for you and not a POS system.

Does Mobi replace my current POS system?

No, Mobi is an online ordering platform for you to use and not intended to replace your existing POS system. You should use your current POS system the way you are using it now and incorporate your Mobi platform for all your online orders for pickup or delivery.

How does Mobi connect to a Sellers Store POS system for processing orders?

Mobi is an online ordering system that does not connect to POS systems. If a client truly needs to integrate with their existing POS System, Mobi has the capability to do that however the client would have to incur the costs associated with the integration that can start from $5,000. Currently all orders go through a separate Mobi Seller dashboard which then the Seller can use either a computer, tablet, or a cell phone to get those orders to process. That is why when you go to a restaurant you see a bunch of tablets plugged in because those are all other 3rd party ordering dashboards. Mobi enables the Seller to have an online ordering capability for either delivery or pickup and it is not intended to be a POS management system. The Mobi Seller Dashboard has its own management features such as sales reports for online orders, customers data and other features that can really help the Seller continue to reach and communicate with their Buyers.

Does Mobi supply tablets, computers, or other devices?

No, Mobi does not supply such items because this is open for any type of Seller to choose how they want to get their orders. The Seller can go on Amazon or other marketplaces and choose the type of device they want to use. Mobi is native; it works on either IOS or Android and on any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Will Mobi have an IOS/Android APP?

Yes, Mobi is working on an app that will be only for Sellers. This will not be a full Seller dashboard since that will need to be done through the URL of Mobi (www.Mobi.com). The app which will be strictly an order processing and management application where a Seller can manage and see all incoming orders and communications with their Buyers (customers/consumers).

Will Mobi have an app where customers can go and order from?

No, Mobi is the backend technology for you as an operator or Seller to have your own online ordering capabilities. The intent of Mobi is not to control your pricing, margins, or data of your customers but to give you the tools that you can have the best solution for your customers to order from you. Most of your customers already know who you are and what they want, so they should be able to then order directly from you right from your website and not another 3rd party app.

How does the QR code work on Mobi?

Every account that is created by a Seller on Mobi comes with their own QR code. This can be accessed on the Resource Center of Mobi under QR Sticker which the operator can print and put on their store or location. We leave it up to the Seller to choose how big they want to print and how they want to use their QR code, but if any Buyer scans that QR code, this will take them directly to the Seller online store to purchase.

How do you use the UPC upload capability?

Mobi has a unique feature option that enables Sellers to upload and create products in their online store from just a UPC number. There are three ways that the Seller will be able to do this:
  1. They can enter manually the UPC number one product at a time.
  2. They can use their phone through the Mobi account to scan the UPC code of a product.
  3. They can download from their ERP (POS system) all the UPC codes onto an Excel spreadsheet and upload it in bulk.
Whichever way the Seller decides to use the UPC feature, by doing so, the Seller will be able to immediately access the Mobi database of manufacturer pictures and descriptions which will automatically create for the Seller their product library. If the Seller chooses bulk upload, they can also give the category and price and that will eliminate them from manually entering those as well. Please note that the Seller can manually update any Product information at any time.

How will the Seller be notified that the Buyer (customer/consumer) is outside ready for pickup?

Mobi does not have curbside pickup notification that is sent by the Buyer to the Seller. Just like with all restaurants and grocery stores today, they have a phone number that to call when they are outside for curbside pickup. All communication between Sellers and Buyers can be via SMS or Email. So, if the Buyer is outside, the Buyer can text the Seller which will come through Mobi that they are outside for pickup. The Buyer can also walk into that store to pick up their order. Mobi does have a feature that the Seller can send to the Buyer what time their food will be ready or when the food is ready for pickup.

How do I access to see what Mobi looks like from the Buyer and Seller side?

On the Mobi website (www.Mobi.com), on the top ribbon on top of START NOW button there is a Live Demo button with an eye symbol next to it. You can click on that to choose between a Seller or Buyer Demo.

Does Mobi manage age restrictions or need verification on alcohol, lottery, tobacco, or others?

Mobi is a backend solution provider for the Seller. Mobi provides all the necessary tools for a Seller to create their own website or online ordering store which then the Seller has 100% control of what they are selling, how much they are selling it for, their customer data, and any tax or age required verifications. Mobi does not manage or verify any age or Buyer (customer/consumer) interactions, data, or transactions in between the Seller and the Buyer. Nevertheless, if a Buyer places an order for pickup from the Seller, then the Seller will need to manually verify the Identification prior to giving the product that is age restricted. If the Buyer is placing the order for delivery, Mobi has a feature that the Seller will need to click on specific to that order to let the delivery driver know that this product is age restricted. By doing so, the driver will get the proper identification prior to releasing the product to that Buyer. This liability and verification are 100% on the delivery side and not on the Seller side if the Seller has clicked on the age restrictive feature of that specific order. If the Seller has not clicked on the age restriction feature, then the driver would not know that this order has age restriction hence will not ask for verification of ID.

How will inventory levels of products be monitored or managed?

Mobi is not a POS system that has inventory management tools. Mobi is an online ordering platform where orders can be placed by customers or consumers using any type of device. Mobi is designed with open API (access will need to be given by Mobi based on customer-by-customer basis) where the Seller will need to incur additional programming cost to integrate their existing POS inventory management system to Mobi. This integration cost can run for the Seller at costs starting at $5,000.

If a Seller has multiple locations, stores, or units; do they pay the one-time setup fee for each?

Yes, if the Seller has multiple outlets, then they will need to sign up each outlet. They will want to create their first account on Mobi and then under Account Settings of their Seller Dashboard there is a Duplicate Account feature that they can use to duplicate the accounts. Sellers can make as many duplicates as possible from their original account and any updates that are made on the original account can automatically update all the other duplicate accounts.

How does a Seller set up an account on Mobi? Is help needed in doing so?

Mobi is created to simplify the onboarding and setup process. It has taken all the industry research on what to do to simplify the setup process so that Sellers do not need to waste any time contacting anyone from Mobi. When a Seller registers, there is a Task bar in the middle of their Seller Dashboard that will take them from one step to another to complete their online store. Also, every feature and button have an information icon that explains what that feature does and how it works. If a Seller is still stuck on building their store, then they can reach Mobi by clicking on the bottom right the chat button and ask questions to ensure a smooth process.

If a Seller has multiple locations, how do I set it up and manage it?

Mobi has made it quite easy to set up and manage multiple accounts or locations from your initial account you set up. The first account you signed up with will act as your master account. On that account, on your Seller dashboard, on the left-hand side there is a feature under Account Settings called Duplicate Accounts. When you click on this, this feature allows you to create multiple accounts or basically add all your locations. In this process, you are going to be able to choose what information you want to copy from your initial account to the new account you are creating. You will be able to copy such things as products, pricing, banking info, and much more. Once you create each duplicate account, you are going to be able to give permissions to those people that you want them to access that specific account. You will be able to set them up under a feature called Users which is under the Account Settings. These Users that you set up will only have access to that specific account you set them up in and based on the permissions you have given them for that account. Your initial account then will have a drop down on top of the HOME button that will have all your duplicate accounts or locations that you have set up. This will help you navigate from one account to the other. If you have created duplicate accounts and copied certain things from your main account, please note that if you change anything then on your main account then those copied items in the duplicate account will also change. So, if you copied products from your main account to a duplicate account and you changed a price or image on the main account, that will automatically change on the duplicate accounts as well. Nevertheless, if you change on the duplicate account, it will not impact on the main account any changes.

If I have multiple accounts or locations, how should I manage them?

If you are a Seller and you have multiple locations or units and you have created duplicate accounts, you want to be able to manage this usually from your main account. Main account meaning the first account you created. Even though it is up to you on how you want to manage your accounts because Mobi gives you that flexibility where you can manage accounts from your main account or the duplicate accounts, nevertheless we recommend that products, images, pricing, loyalty/reward programs, and discounts should be managed by the main account for all your locations. What you can manage from duplicate accounts are the orders that are coming from your customers, the actual customers that are buying from that duplicate account, daily specials, or feature items.

How does the Merchant Service Account work for a Seller?

Mobi has made the process of creating a merchant service account very seamless and quick. When you sign up, Mobi requires you to put your banking information such as your routing and account numbers. This is used to immediately verify your account and in less then 5 minutes you are set with a merchant service account on Mobi and you are ready to receive orders online. If you have currently a merchant service account for your operation, this does not replace that. The merchant service account setup on Mobi is only for those orders that are going to be placed by your customers through your online store for your online orders and has nothing to do with your current walk-in customers.

How long does it take for me as a Seller to receive my money when my Customer orders?

When you initially set-up your Mobi account and you get your initial order, the first order processing can take 48 to 96 hours. After the first process is transacted and your funds have reached your account, all proceeding orders through your online sales will take no more then 12 to 24 hours to hit your bank account.

As a Seller, how do I pay Mobi for the 4.9% service fee?

Mobi is a seamless processing and payment platform. There are no checks to be cut or bills to be received to pay for any services. When your customer places an order for your products through your online store, immediately the service processing is completed and all deductions from that sale is processed. The details of all the deductions per order will be in the Seller dashboard for each order. For example, a $10 purchase is done by a Customer. This is processed as $10 but then the fee of 4.9% is immediately deducted and the balance is wired to the Seller bank account. Meaning that $0.49 cents is deducted from the $10 transaction and $9.51 is deposited.

Does Mobi help market Seller stores and business?

No, Mobi is not a marketing company like the other 3rd party platforms where they control the marketing and customer data and charge the Seller an obscene amount of fees for those services. Contrary to other 3rd party platforms, the cost of using Mobi is 4.9% inclusive of all credit card charges and Seller platform with no monthly licensing fees or contracts. Mobi gives all Sellers the capability of paying as they sell with no contracts, no monthly fees, and most importantly no other charges on the feature updates to the platform. And if the Seller opts in and uses the delivery feature, the 4.9% also includes all charges including any charges from the Seller side. Mobi is in the process of launching a feature where the Seller can create a Google Ads campaign directly from their Mobi Seller Dashboard. This will enable the Seller to control their own advertising and dollar spent daily within the mile range that they want to market to. By doing so, the Seller will be able to directly target those Buyers (customers/consumers) at exceptionally low market costs versus giving up high percentages of their sales, their margins, and their Buyer data to other 3rd party platforms.

If I am a Seller and I do not have a website what do I do?

Mobi gives all Seller account holders a free website. If a Seller has their own website, they can link their Mobi online store to their website. Instructions on how to link or to look into Seller website can be found in their Seller dashboard under Account Settings. There is a Domain feature that gives all details to Seller website integration.

If I am already using a 3rd party online ordering and delivery solution, what should I do?

If you are a Seller that is already using a 3rd party online ordering platform that has a delivery feature as well, you need to compare your current cost to that of Mobi. Mobi has a flat cost of 4.9% all in, so as you sell you pay. There are no additional hidden costs and the 4.9% includes your delivery as well. Most of your Buyers (customers/consumers) already know of your business and want to buy from your directly. So, under Resource Center of your Seller Dashboard there is a feature called Thank You Card. You can print this out and put it in each order of your Buyers that not only thanks them but sends them to your Mobi website to order next time from your own managed store. Also, there are features in Mobi like Discounts that you can create that can incentivize your Buyer to buy from your online store directly. The key for you when using Mobi is:
  1. For you to have 100% control of your customers and their data.
  2. For you to make the most money possible from the sale of your products with the least amount spent.
  3. For you to give your customers an easy and convenient way to order from you when they want and how they want.

How do I link my menu to my YELP account?

Mobi gives you a Primary Domain name that is a quick connect directly to your menu. You can get your Primary Domain by going to your Seller Dashboard, on the left column under Account Settings there is a feature called Domain. Click on this and you will see your Primary Domain address. Then, go to your YELP account settings in YELP, under Menu Link put your Primary Domain address. From that point forward, anyone that visits your link in YELP, if they click on your Menu Link, it will take them directly to your online Menu where they can view, order, choose for pickup or delivery (if you have opted in for delivery).